Monday, January 31, 2011

I think that we should sing another stanza!

Tonight, I am going to leave you with two (relatively) brief musings rather than my typical lengthy contribution, partially because I feel you all deserve a break from my pontificating, but mostly because my computer is extremely low on battery.


I want to talk a little about Selena Gomez, partially inspired by this video:

But mostly inspired by this picture:

I kind of love her. I feel like she she's gracefully removed herself from her peers in an age sadly plagued by the hookerfication of Miley Cyrus and the hot mess that is Lindsay Lohan and the undisclosed descent of Demi Lovato.....the latter of which is particularly depressing to me, since Demi Lovato is legitimately-for-real-RIDICULOUS talented. Her Disney show is one of the few left on that sadly deteriorating network that I don't mind my cousins watching when I'm babysitting. She's super adorable and does fan meetings without makeup and a ballgown on. She's a UNICEF ambassador and she talks about her faith in public- and I believe her. 
(She also has a guy supposedly obsessed with her who makes the most disturbingly hilarious videos I've ever seen on YouTube. Go figure.)
So, because it tickles me pink when people get attention for worthwhile things like talent and integrity rather than crazy antics:


1. She not only wears reasonably appropriate stage outfits to begin with, but spandex shorts UNDERNEATH them instead of just flashing her underwear.
2. Her music, while generic, has remained totally wholesome.
3. Her big-screen debut was a totally adorable adaptation of one of my all-time favorite children’s books, not some stupid, inappropriate-to-your-target-audience, and did I mention STUPID “romantic comedy.”
4. She looks like a happy teenager doing what she loves instead of some crazy Hollywood type trying to be edgy.
5. She’s the only celebrity my little brother has a crush on that isn’t gross.

Selena, I applaud you.


Speaking of the general unfortunate decline of the Disney Channel, I would like to leave you all with these delightful memories:

If you are unfortunate enough to not recognize these, they're clips from "Influenza," the purely genius musical episode of Even Stevens, which was one of the great shows that came from the Disney Channel during the wonderful years of the early 2000's (my favorites included The Famous Jett Jackson, In A Heartbeat, and yes, Lizzie McGuire.)
A few of my thoughts on the subject:

-This was SO ahead of it's time. We're not just talking YEARS before Glee, we're talking years before High School Musical was even a twinkle in Don Schain's eye.
-Christy Carlson Romano, who plays Ren, bears an uncanny resemblance to a very young Anne Hathaway. She also went on to star on Broadway as Mary in Parade, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and- here's the best- Kate Monster in Avenue Q. You go, girl.
-God bless Ty Hodges, who played Larry Beale. I'm so glad he got his thirty seconds to truly shine with that rockin' rap break and belting out of "RE-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EHHHH-NAH!" before disappearing into obscurity.
-This wasn't just an attempt to jump on a trend (oh hey, Grey's Anatomy.) This is legitimately awesomely written and filmed musical theatre camp at it's finest. We're talking a variety of musical styles, great but not overdone choreography, and total cast involvement. Which means singing....with harmonies...WITHOUT AUTOTUNE. Even from the adults, who mostly rock, and Louis, who can't sing. Speaking of which.....

The rest of the episode can be found on YouTube. I still believe it's a tragedy that this was only a single episode and not a full-length movie, because I'm pretty sure it was the best thing the Disney Channel ever produced.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these or any other matters.
Unless it's to tell me that Selena Gomez is really a forty-year-old crack addict with a sex tape. In that case, just leave me to my ignorance.



Praising God one day at a time said...

I've, unfortunately, been driven to ignore practically anything that comes from the Disney Channel...I swear, Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave if he saw what became of his company today...thank goodness they're finally starting to come out with decent movies now. ANYWAYS... (off topic)

Due to my self-placed ignorance of the Disney Channel, I've not paid any mind to Selena Gomez, much less any of the other so named "stars" that Disney wishes to uplift. But if you hold her to such a high standard, perhaps it's time I turned to YouTube and educated myself :P

As for Even Stevens...I've had the sad misfortune of never watching it. I was a Nickelodeon child, and rarely every watched any Disney Channel, much less any of the live-action shows. Apparently I've been missing out on a lot of things...Perhaps I should remedy this? :P

Krista Joy said...

Disney Channel has come so far from where it once was. Everything is animated, and poorly so at that! Not to mention poorly written to begin with. It's sad.

I mostly respect Selena Gomez for the way she's handled herself and maintained integrity while other "Disney starlets" have fallen so far. Her show is about as close as you'll find nowadays to anything from the better years of Disney TV, and her music is pretty generic pop. But I really enjoyed Ramona and Beezus :)


Jennifer Beard said...

Oh my gosh, I love you soo much right now! I don't really know much about Selena Gomez, but I LOVE EVEN STEVENS! And Boy Meets World (reruns on Disney) and Lizzie McGuire! I still have the Lizzie McGuire movie...haha! That was so much fun! I wonder if they have Even Stevens on dvd. I want it! :)

TJthetechie said...

Thank you for using the word "hookerfication" in this blog.

That is all.

TJthetechie said...
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TJthetechie said...
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Becky Tefertiller said...

!! I loved even stevens. And I'm a fan of the S-gomez. The old man making stalker-rapist videos, though, not so much.
also, I love that you love these things. :D